JAS Journal Sep 2015 (Vol. 55, No. 5)


  • New experience with Hi-Res – at the time of holding the Audio / Home Theater Exhibition 2015
    JAS chairman: Ryoji Menjo
    P3 - P4
  • Jazz Vocalist Lyn Stanley comes in the Audio / Home Theater Exhibition 2015
    JAS Journal senior writer: Yoshihisa Mori
    P5 - P7
  • About MQA
    Meridian Audio Ltd: Bob Stuart, Keith Howard
    P8 - P19
  • [Series: Story of Hi-Res Audio products (vol. 3)]

    Introduction of the Universal Blu-ray Disc Player BDP-105D JAPAN LIMITED
    OPPO Digital Japan: Kotaro Shima
    P20 – P26
    Xperia Z4: Features and high quality sound technology
    Sony Mobile Communications Inc.: Kazuhisa Sukegawa
    P27 - P32
    USB DAC – Headphone Amplifier UD-503
    TEAC CORPORATION: Takekazu Kato
    P33 - P41
  • [Series: Memoirs of one recording engineer ~from analogue to digital~ (vol. 4)]

    About the registration as the History of Japanese Industrial Technology of Audio
    JAS Journal senior writer: Takeaki Anazawa
    P42 - P49
  • Report of “Hi-Res Seminar II
    KRIPTON Corp. / Hi-Res Audio WG chief examiner: Masaru Watanabe
    P50 - P53
  • Better Sound Committee: Report of Recording Seminar
    JAS chairman: Ryoji Menjo
    P54 - P61
  • [Series: Visit report of listening room (vol. 28)]

    ~Tomonori Taniguchi; Fascinated world Live with panoramic photograph~
    Healing space “Welcome Audio”: Visit of Mr. Kawasaki’s listening room
    Tomonori Taniguchi, Yoshinori Mori
    P62 - P64
  • [JAS Information]

    The board meeting report in September, 2015

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