Definition of Hi-Res Audio

Definition of Hi-Res Audio (Announced on June 12th 2014)Updated on November 9th , 2022

  1. In principle, the definition of "Hi-Res Audio" is based on the announcement of Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) on the March 26, 2014
  2. "Hi-Res Audio" logo applicable products JAS defines is to fulfill the following specification on the recording, reproduction and signal transition process
    <Analogue process>
    • (1) Microphone response performance: 40 kHz or above during recording
    • (2) Amplification performance: 40 kHz or above
    • (3) Speaker and headphone performance: 40 kHz or above
    <Digital process>
    • (1) Recording format: Capability of recording using the 96kHz/24bit format or above
    • (2) I/O (Interface): Input/output interface with the performance of 96kHz/24bit or above
    • (3) Decoding: File playability of 96kHz/24bit or above (FLAC and WAV both required)
      (In case of self-recording equipment, FLAC or WAV file is required as minimum condition)
    • (4) Digital Signal Processing: DSP processing of 96kHz/24bit or above
    • (5) D/A conversion: Digital to analog conversion processing of 96 kHz/24 bits or above
  3. Listening evaluation process is to be organized
    • (1) Listening evaluation process is required by each applicant.
    • (2) Each applicant must assign the audio/sound quality control manager in addition to the product quality control manager.
    • (3) The audio/sound quality control manager should be responsible for final decision as Hi-Res Audio product to be proved according to each company's sound evaluation standard.
  4. Additional Condition for Wireless Digital Audio data transfer
    Regarding recent Audio Products with Wireless Audio Data Transfer, Hi-Res Audio Wireless logo has been introduced after Nov. 28, 2018. Above conditions except conditions described in <Wireless Audio Data Transfer> shall be applied to Hi-Res Audio Wireless logo applicable products.
    <Wireless Audio Data Transfer>
    The Hi-Res Audio Wireless logo can be granted to wireless connection capable products which meet following conditions. Such Wireless connection are not be used inside product or between unit of product, such as Left and right transducer.
    Wireless connection capable products which meet conditions for Hi-Res Audio logo described above can be granted to use the Hi-Res Audio logo.
    • (1) Wireless Audio Data Transfer shall connect Products defined as Hi-Res Audio logo applicable or Hi-Res Audio Wireless logo applicable.
    • (2) Wireless Audio Data Transfer shall use Audio Codec which defined by JAS for this purpose.
    • (3) Wireless Audio Data Transfer shall not have enough band width to transfer Digital Audio data defined at <Digital process>
    Wireless Audio Transfer may not work correctly with some environment or incorrect usage. Please refer product manual to have best audio quality to meet “Hi-Res Audio Wireless logo”
    Certified Audio Codec name for Hi-Res Audio Wireless logo:
    An applicant of Audio Codec shall contact to receive necessary information.