Application process for use of Hi-Res AUDIO logo

Thank you for visiting Hi-Res AUDIO logo application page. We got a lot of requests and your application will be processed in order. But it will take 2, 3 weeks. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Application process for use of Hi-Res AUDIO logo

Before applying Hi-Res AUDIO logo, please make sure that your product is eligible for Hi-Res AUDIO logo. Outline of Hi-Res AUDIO logo is available at the web page of "Definition of Hi-Res AUDIO"

1. Applicant information

As start of application process, the applicant shall fill the applicant information through the following "Application start" page.

Application start

2. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

After filling the applicant information and submission of your application through the above "Application start" page, the download link information for NDA will be mentioned in the return e-mail sent you from Japan Audio Society (JAS) as confirmation.
The applicant shall fill the NDA with your signature and return it to
Upon conclusion of NDA with JAS, the necessary documents will be provided for further process.

3. Due diligence check report

Upon conclusion of NDA, the applicant will receive the form of Due diligence check report.
The applicant shall fill in and submit the Due diligence check report.

4. Skype interview

JAS has an interview with the applicant.

5. License agreement and Product information
6. Submission of the documents

The applicant shall fill in and submit the following documents.

7. Conclusion of the License Agreement

If all conditions are agreed and product specifications are confirmed by JAS and applicant, the License Agreement shall be signed and concluded.

8. Licensing fee payment

JAS sends invoice to the applicant. The applicant shall pay the licensing fee. Regarding the detail of licensing fee, please refer to the licensing fee condition table mentioned at the end of this page

9. Hi-Res AUDIO logo data

Upon confirming the payment of the fee, the applicant will receive Hi-Res AUDIO logo download information.

10. Additional product for Hi-Res AUDIO logo

The applicant shall submit the following documents when new product is planned.

11. Renewal of the agreement

JAS sends following documents to the applicant.

Hi-Res Audio logo use licensing fee condition table
Membership condition Licensing fee amount
  • Initial administration fee: USD850
  • Licensing fee: USD2000 for one calendar year
JAS member
  • Fee to use the logo is included in the membership fee
CTA* member
  • Administration fee: USD500 for 3 years
  • Note: there is reginal restriction for CTA member. Logo use in Japan will be limited.

*CTA: Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™ of USA. JAS and CTA are jointly promoting Hi-Res AUDIO Logo.