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After the Japan Audio Society had been founded in 1952, the Japan Audio Society Magazine was started in 1958 as the technical information magazine aiming its positioning in between an academic journal and a general audio magazine. After that, the JAS Report was started as the complementation to the Japan Audio Society Magazine reporting mainly the activities of JAS. And then, in 1979, the JAS Journal was started combining the both the Japan Audio Society Magazine and the JAS Report. The issue style has been changed from the printing to the online issue at the JAS home page from 2006.

Number of annual issues

JAS Journal is published 6 times in the odd months.

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Contributions and papers from members are cordially invited. Member who wishes to contribute shall contact with the following JAS office.
JAS Journal editing committee office
Tel: +81-(0)3-3448-1206  Fax: +81-(0)3-3448-1207  e-mail:jasdesk@jas-audio.or.jp

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