JAS Journal July 2019 (Vol. 59, No. 4)


  • Series: "My encounter with Audio" (vol. 7)
    JAS Chairman: Michiko Ogawa
    P3 - P4
  • [Features: OTOTEN 2019]

    Holing report of the "OTOTEN 2019"
    JAS Executive Committee of the "OTOTEN 2019”Acting chairman (Sony Corp.): Shinichi Suenaga
    P5 - P12
    "OTOTEN 2019”: Report of the "Let’s listen to Movie Project 2019"
    JAS Deputy Chairman (YAMAHA MUSIC JAPAN CO., LTD.): Toru Saruya
    P13 - P16
    "OTOTEN 2019”: Report of the "Car Audio Experience Corner”
    JAS Car Audio Technical Committee (JVCKENWOOD Corporation): Hideaki Shimamiya
    P17 - P21
    "OTOTEN 2019”: Report of the "Audio Salon Committee”
    JAS Audio Salon Committee Chairman (Triode Corporation): Hiromi Kon
    P22 - P26
  • The course of the development of Turntable system by Technics after revival

    = Control technology for Direct Drive Motor of Turntable =
    Panasonic Corporation Smart Life Network Business Div. Chief Engineer: Masayuki Shiwa
    P27 - P34
  • About Tonmeister education in Europe (part 3)

    Nagoya University of Arts - School of the Arts - Music Division Sound Media and Composition Course: Kazuya Nagae
    P35 - P49
  • [JAS Information]

    Report of the General Shareholders' Meeting held on the 12th of June 2019
    The board meeting report in June 2019
  • Editorial note

    JAS Journal senior writer/ Mitsubishi Electric Corp.: Kosuke Hosoya

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