JAS Journal January 2018 (Vol. 58, No. 1)


  • Consideration at the new year start: "A major turning point of the times would come?"
    JAS Chairman: Ryoji Menjo
    P3 - P6
  • [Features: The Day of Sound in 2017]

    Report of the 24th event of The Day of Sound and honoring the 22nd Master of Sound
    “The Day of Sound” executive committee chairman: Yoshihisa Mori
    P7 - P11
    Along with Sound “Looking back half my life working in Acoustical field”
    Yokkaichi University, Professor Emeritus: Masami Toyoshima
    P12 - P24
    About the Japan Audio Society award in 2017
    JAS Chairman: Ryoji Menjo
    P25 - P27
    Report of the 4th competition for the best engineered contents recorded by students
    “The Day of Sound” executive committee co-chairman: Shigeharu Takamatsu
    P28 - P31
  • Report on visit: Roma hi-fidelity 2017
    Panasonic Corp., Appliances Company: Tetsuya Itani
    P32 - P40
  • [New Year Special Column]

    The man who bet his life on Vacuum Tube Amplifier: Mr. Atsushi Miura - A&M LIMITED
    JAS Journal Senior Writer: Yoshihisa Mori
    P41 - P44
  • [Series: Who’s Who ~Legend of Audio~ (vol. 6)]

    Splendid history of the recording work at the King Record - Mr. Toshio Kikuta (Part 1)
    JAS Director General: Kazuhiro Terui
    P45 - P52
  • [Series report of place wanted to go and to see and hear]

    The lacquer disk cutting operation for the analogue disc (Part 2) - JVC Mastering Center
    JAS Director General: Kazuhiro Terui
    P53 - P59

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