JAS Journal November 2017 (Vol. 57, No. 6)


  • Innovation of the technology approaching Hi-Resolution Audio and the technology to transmit "good sound"
    JAS Director/JAS Journal senior writer /NTT Electronics Corporation: Makoto Endo
    P3 - P7
  • Report on visit: IFA 2017
    JAS Journal senior writer/Panasonic Corp.:Masanori Harui
    P8 - P16
  • Report on visit: Audio Show in Poland
    JAS Journal senior writer: Yoshinori Mori
    P17 - P30
  • 70 years along with sound (Vol. 6) - Days working for the start-up companies
    NH Lab. Corp.: Heitaro Nakajima
    P31 - P47
  • 【Series report of place wanted to go and to see and hear】

    Silent and passionate sound played by transmitter tube
    CS Port enters in the audio market
    JAS Director General: Kazuhiro Terui
    P48 - P56
  • 【JAS Information】

    Event information of the “Day of Sound”
    P57 - P58
    The report of JAS board meeting in September 2017

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