JAS Journal July 2017 (Vol. 57, No. 4)


  • [Features: OTOTEN 2017]

    Consideration for the next "OTOTEN" after finishing "OTOTEN 2017"
    JAS Chairman: Ryoji Menjo
    P3 - P9
    Luxman's approach for "OTOTEN 2017"
    LUXMAN CORPORATION: Yasushi Kojima
    P10 - P15
    The world premiere from Japan: Report of the technical development and demonstration test for 4K Hi-Res Live Streaming
    JAS Director: Makoto Endo
    NHK Engineering System, Inc.: Yasuaki Kanatsugu
    P16 - P21
  • [Features: HIGH END® Munich 2017]

    High End 2017 in Munich
    JAS Journal senior writer: Yoshihisa Mori
    P22 - P29
    Report of visiting the High End 2017 in Munich
    Panasonic Corp., Appliances Company, Home Entertainment Division: Tetsuya Itani
    P30 - P46
    Visiting the High End 2017 in Munich
    CS Port Co., Technical Advisor: Shigeharu Takamatsu
    P47 - P52
  • [Series: Visit report of listening room (vol. 33)]

    ~Tomonori Taniguchi; Fascinated world with panoramic photograph~
    Audio Shop Sound Nishijin (Fukuoka City) where audiophiles gather
    Tomonori Taniguchi, Yoshinori Mori
    P53 - P54
  • [JAS Information]

    The board meeting report in June 2017
    The report of General Shareholders' Meeting held on the 8th of June 2017
    P55 - P56

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