JAS Journal March, 2017 (Vol. 57, No. 2)


  • “OTOTEN 2017” Exhibition for new market creation
    JAS Chairman: Ryoji Menjo
    P3 - P7
  • [Features: JAS Conference 2016]

    Measurement technology for Hi-Res era - Toward matching audibility with measurement -
    Listen Inc. CEO: Steve Temme
    P8 - P13
    TV and Hi-Res online service on the way to be changing = its view and future =
    NTT Electronics Corporation: Makoto Endo
    P14 - P23
    Audio format for 8K Super Hi-Vision test broadcasting
    NHK Engineering System, Inc.: Hiroyuki Ohkubo
    P24 - P26
    Lossless transmission for Hi-Res Audio under the international standard MPEG-4 ALS NTT Communication Service Laboratories
    Yutaka Kamamoto, Takehiro Moriya, Noboru Harada
    P27 - P33
    Technologies supported the Hi-Res Streaming Service “PrimeSeat”
    KORG INC. : Koji Oishi,

    Internet Initiative Japan Inc.: Takanori Fumeno
    P34 - P43
  • Tonmister convention in Cologne and present status of radio broadcasting and education in Germany
    Nagoya University of Arts associate professor: Kazuya Nagae
    P44 - P54
  • Visiting repot of Hi-end Audio at CES 2016
    Panasonic Corp./JAS Journal senior writer: Norimasa Harui
    P55 - P66
  • 70 years along with sound (Vol. 4) - Days working for AIWA
    NH Lab. Corp.: Heitaro Nakajima
    P67 - P79
  • [Series: Visit report of listening room (vol. 32)]

    ~Tomonori Taniguchi; Fascinated world with panoramic photograph~
    Cradle for recording engineer: Visit the studio at the Tokyo University of the Arts Senjyu Campus
    Tomonori Taniguchi, Yoshinori Mori
    P80 - P85
  • About HS-LINK Ver.2
    ACCUPHASE LABORATORY, INC.: Hiroshi Kageyama
    P86 - P88
  • Speaker drive unit of Foster Electric Company
    JAS Director General: Kazuhiro Terui
    P89 - P95
  • [JAS Information]

    The report of JAS board meeting in February 2017

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