JAS Journal January, 2017 (Vol. 57, No. 1)


  • Consideration of new direction of JAS at the new year start
    JAS Chairman: Ryoji Menjo
    P3 - P9
  • [Features: JAS Conference 2016]

    What is "Good Sound" in Hi-Res era? - Requirement to audio equipment nowadays. -
    Japan Audio Society Advisor: Shinji Koyano
    P10 - P15
    Sound source production and the latest sound source demonstration from the Kansei (sensitivity) Value view point - Production of the Stereo Sound Hi-Res reference check disc
    MIXER'S LAB Sound Producer: Hideo Takada
    P16 - P39
  • [Features: The Day of Sound in 2016]

    About the 23nd event of the Sound of Day and the 21th Master of Sound
    JAS Journal senior writer: Yoshihisa Mori
    P40 - P42
    Tuning fork and a story of "Sound" touching on Tuning Fork
    NITI-ON Co., Ltd. Advisor
    Japan Tuning Fork Laboratory Director: Yutaka Honda
    P43 - P51
    Report of the 3rd competition for the best engineered contents recorded by students
    JAS Journal senior writer: Takeaki Anazawa
    P52 - P55
  • 70 years along with sound (Vol. 3) - Days working for SONY
    NH Lab. Corp.: Heitaro Nakajima
    P56 - P73
  • The Products of Accuphase
    JAS Director General: Kazuhiro Terui
    P74 - P79
  • [JAS Information]

    The report of JAS board meeting in December, 2016

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