JAS Journal September 2016 (Vol. 56, No. 5)


  • JAS - Salon of Sound and Conference
    JAS chairman: Ryoji Memjo
    P3 - P4
  • 70 years along with sound (Vol. 1) – To the entering NHK
    NH Lab. Corp.: Heitaro Nakajima
    P5 - P16
  • The latest AV Receiver from Yamaha and incorporation with Dolby Atmos®
    Yamaha Corporation: Ryotaro Aoki
    P17 - P21
  • [Series: NH Lab. Senior (vol. 5)]

    Hanging the speaker - Constant temperature condition for Speaker
    NH Lab. Corp.: Kantaro Takada, Masaru Uryu
    P22 - P33
  • [Series: Memoirs of one recording engineer ~from analogue to digital~ (vol. 10)]

    Corresponding to the questions and requests from readers
    JAS Journal senior writer: Takeaki Anazawa
    P34 - P55
  • DENON MC cartridge DL-103 - Unraveling the secret of long seller for 52 years
    JAS Director General: Kazuhiro Terui
    P56 – P60

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