JAS Journal May 2016 (Vol. 56, No. 3)


  • Operation Policy in FY 2016, Creation of innovative audio market
    JAS chairman: Ryoji Memjo
    P3 - P24
  • About Tonmeister education in Europe (part 2)
    Nagoya University of Arts associate professor: Kazuya Nagae
    P25 - P33
  • [Features: HIGH END® Munich 2016]

    High End 2016 in Munich = New trend of High End marked the 35th anniversary =
    JAS Journal senior writer: Yoshihisa Mori
    P34 - P44
    Exhibitor report of High End 2016 in Munich
    Panasonic Corp. Home Entertainment Division CTO: Tetsuya Itani
    P45 - P58
    Visiting at High End 2016 in Munich
    D&M Holdings Inc. DENON sound manager: Shinichi Yamauchi
    P59 - P62
  • [Series: Story of Hi-Res Audio products (vol. 7)]

    Introduction of D/A convertor - Headphone amplifire “P-A4BL”
    Foster Electric Company, Limited Fostex company: Soshi Yamaguchi
    P63 - P66
  • [Series: NH Lab. Senior (vol. 3)]

    Examples of architectural acoustics and measurement result of architectural acoustics
    NH Lab. Corp.: Michiko Kazama
    P67 - P74
  • [Series: Memoirs of one recording engineer ~from analogue to digital~ (vol. 8)]

    Fact given an impact to the world by digital recording
    JAS Journal senior writer: Takeaki Anazawa
    P75 - P84
  • [Series: Who’s Who ~Legend of Audio~ (vol. 5)]

    Harumi Abe who left distinguish article “Tape recorder story”
    Former JAS senior managing director: Masahiro Fujimoto
    P85 - P89
  • [JAS Information]

    Publication of “Tape recorder story” written by Harumi Abe
    P90 - P91
    The board meeting report in March, 2016

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