JAS Journal Mar 2016 (Vol. 56, No. 2)


  • About Tonmeister education in Europe (part 1)
    Nagoya University of Arts associate professor: Kazuya Nagae
    P3 - P13
  • Pursuit of ideal sound reproduction of Dolby ATMOS® with Pioneer’s AV amplifire
    Onkyo & Pioneer Marketing Japan Corporation: Yoshitaka Yaeguchi
    P14 - P17
  • Organization of the Car Audio Technical Committee
    ~Study of definition of the High-Resolution at car audio category~
    Pioneer Corporation: Shinichi Sato
    P18 - P22
  • [Series: Story of Hi-Res Audio products (vol. 6)]

    High-Resolution application for speaker
    Sony Video & Sound Products Inc.: Masanori Sugiyama
    P23 – P30
  • [Series: NH Lab. Senior (vol. 2)]

    Egg shaped speaker
    NH Lab. Corp.: Ikuo Chatani
    P31 - P39
  • [Series: Memoirs of one recording engineer ~from analogue to digital~ (vol. 7)]

    Fascinated with a pipe organ in Netherland, Germany and Denmark
    JAS Journal senior writer: Takeaki Anazawa
    P40 - P47
  • [Series: Who’s Who ~Legend of Audio~ (vol. 4)]

    Live with DIATONE (Part 3)
    Tamon Saeki
    P48 - P56
  • [Series: Visit report of listening room (vol. 30)]

    ~Tomonori Taniguchi; Fascinated world Live with panoramic photograph~
    World of Super Audio CD surround sound; the listening room of Katsuaki Tsurushima
    Tomonori Taniguchi, Yoshinori Mori
    P57 - P59
  • Remembering former JAS member Michinaga Takahashi
    JAS Journal senior writer: Takeaki Anazawa
  • [JAS Information]

    The board meeting report in February, 2016

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