JAS Journal May 2020 (Vol. 60, No. 3)


  • [New Series: "One of my favorite songs" Vol. 3]

    = What a wonderful world =
    JAS Chairman : Michiko Ogawa
    P3 - P4
  • The remote online session service application "SYNCROOM"
    = Challenge to nurture and expand music culture itself to set concert activity free usually being bounded by a place =
    Yamaha Corporation
    Marketing Division, UX Strategy Department: Mao Noguchi
    Digital Musical Instruments Division, Digital Musical Instruments
    Development Department: Takahiro Hara
    P5 - P9
  • The things we can do because "GENELEC"
    GENELEC JAPAN Inc., Marketing Director: Yosuke Asada
    P10 - P17
  • [Series report of place wanted to go and to see and hear]

    A visit to the Universal Music Mastering Studio
    JAS Director General : Kazuhiro Terui
    P18 - P21
  • [Series: Introduction of New Member]

    Greeting at the enrolled in the Japan Audio Society
    Allion Japan Inc., Technical Division Supervisor : Itsuo Sakai
    P22 - P25
  • [JAS Information]

    ※ The board meeting report in May 2020
  • Editorial note

    JAS Journal editorial board member : Tsuyoshi Nakada

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