JAS Journal November 2020 (Vol. 60, No. 1)


  • [New Series: "One of my favorite songs" Vol. 1]

    Tchaikovsky: Symphony No.6 “Pathétique”
    JAS Chairman: Michiko Ogawa
    P3 - P4
  • Vienna Philharmonic New Year's Concert
    = About the Television Broadcasting and Recording Project =
    University of Music Detmold : Tetsuro Kanai
    P5 - P10
  • About the binaural sound collection and the latest sound collecting equipment
    = From the ASMR sound collection, Bone Conduction sound collection, Fixed sound collection and the Walking sound collection =
    SOUTHERN ACOUSTICS Co.,Ltd. : Kiyofumi Inanaga
    P11 - P18
  • Report from the 20th 1bit workshop
    1bit Audio Consortium : Shinji Koyano
    P19 - P27
  • [Report of Award Winning Productions from the Competition of Music Recordings by Students]

    The Best Performance Award: "Zetsumetsu-shu no gawa kara" (from the side of extinct species)
    Tokyo University of the Art
    The Graduate School of Music : Masaru Tanaka
    The Faculty of Music : Yoshiki Masuda
    P32 - P37
    The Excellent Recording Technology Award: "All That Jazz"
    Senzoku Gakuen College of Music, Music Design Course : Futaba Iwamoto
    P38 - P41
    The Excellent Music Production Award: "After the Day of Sound"
    Nagaya University of Arts, School of Music : Fuuka Fukui
    P42 - P45
    The Excellent Planning Award: "pm 04:29"
    Kyushu University, Graduate School of Design, Department of Design : Toshiki Tajima
    P46 - P49
  • Report from CES 2020
    Mitsubishi Electric Corp. : Jun Shoda
    P50 - P59
  • [Series: Introduction of New Member]

    About the Audio Company "HIFIMAN"
    HIFIMAN Corporation : Tou Kahi
    P60 - P63
  • [JAS Information]

    The board meeting report in December 2019
  • Editorial note

    JAS Journal senior writer / TEAC CORPORATION : Jo Yoshida

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