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The Japan Audio Society celebrates its 70th anniversary

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The Japan Audio Society (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Michiko Ogawa) celebrated its 70th anniversary on October 4th. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has supported us thus far, and we will continue to open up the possibilities of audio and focus on the sustainable development of the audio industry.

The Audio Society of Japan, the predecessor of the Audio Society of Japan, began its activities on October 4, 1952, and held the 1st All Japan Audio Fair (currently called OTOTEN) in December of the same year. Since then, we have been promoting survey research, dissemination and enlightenment of audio and audio-visual viewing environments, and training of human resources.

This year, OTOTEN 2022 was held as a real event for the first time in three years, and many audio fans visited. As an exhibition commemorating the 70th anniversary, a reproduction demonstration of the “stereo experience” using two radios at that time was held. In addition, it was a place to get the latest audio technology trends and new product information, such as being able to experience various formats of 3D audio, which is currently showing excitement.

The following activities are planned for the 70th anniversary commemorative project. We will inform you as soon as the details are decided.

・The JAS Journal Autumn issue was published as the 70th Anniversary Special Issue.
・Holding an event for all members to attend on December 6th, “OTONOHI” ( the day Thomas Edison made the first recording. ).